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For many years my work has investigated the vessel through traditional techniques of handbuilding, burnishing and smoke firing. Recently I have developed ideas which allude to the timeless vessel form as well as referencing contemporary urban structures such as buildings, walls and bridges. This sculptural work explores tension and balance where two forms are placed together as well the ambiguity of weight through internal space. The composite pieces invite interaction through repositioning into new arrangements and compositions.
All pieces are hand built from a mixture of porcelain & stoneware clays using a combination of coiling, press molding and slabbing processes. Sometimes organic material is mixed with the clay which will burn out during the firing and later be inlaid with a contrasting colour. All work is burnished before firing between 980 and 1100 centigrade. A second firing involves a range of smoke firing techniques including saggar firing and open firing. The nature of the firing means that no two pieces are the same, giving each its own distinctive surface marking, unlike any other.

Sizes range from 10 - 50cm diameter and from 9 - 40cm high
Prices range from £100 - £1800
Payment is by cheque or credit card through Paypal. Pieces can be sent overnight within the UK through Parcelforce or freighted worldwide. An extra charge will be made for packing and carriage. Please contact me to find out what is available.

I also combine studio work with writing. (see publications) Smoke Fired Pottery (1995 A&C Black), Traditional Pottery of India (2000 A&C Black), Naked Clay (2004 A&C Black) Smoke Firing contemporary artists and approaches (2008 A&C Black)